Aceite de sacha inchi

Sacha inchi

The SachaInchi plant produces valuable seeds that are packed full of some essential fatty oils (Omega3, Omega6 and Omega9-see chart below) and antioxidants like Vitamin A &E.

0 % Cholesterol
Highest & Purest source of Omega 3
Optimal balance of Omegas (3,6&9)
Rich source of antioxidants vitamins A&E
Rich source of all essential amino acids
Perfect for vegetarians and vegans
Transported by plane from the Amazonian Rainforest
100% Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed
Additive/Chemical Free
Mercury free
100% Natural & Organic
100% Vegetable capsule
High digestibility of 96%
Non-toxic, ideal and safe for Pregnancy and children
Environmentally sustainable
A little history of this miracle..
SachaInchi (Plukenetiavolubilislinneo) is an indigenous plant of the Peruvian Amazon Forest which has been cultivated along the eastern slopes of the lower Andes for 3,000 years. The plant is depicted on Incan tomb carvings. The cultivated land is located at high altitudes, typically 500 meters or 1600 feet above sea level, in the junction between the Andes and the Amazon jungle which is protected from extreme rain, flooding and harsh winds with soil that is rich in minerals.

The Incas used it not only for its great nutritional value, but also its medicinal healing properties.

Most commonly known ways they used it, was as an anti-inflammatory for bones, joints, brain, muscles, arteries and the cleansing of all the organs and blood.

¿Por qué nuestro Sacha Inchi?

We are proud to offer this oil as a great and ideal natural Super food that can help improve the health and quality of living.

Our SachaInchi is very mild and easy to take as a supplement as it is 100% cold pressed, which allows it to maintain all the nutritional value of the seeds and be a better tasting oil.

We believe that sustainability is important, that is why our SachaInchi is organically grown in the rainforest of the Peruvian Amazon.

Production and harvesting is directed by the Omega Project a non-profit organization that supports fair trade practices and the reforestation of the Rainforest in Peru.

We believe that we can take advantage of the remedies that Mother Nature offers us, while protecting and maintaining the ecosystem.

Aceite de sacha inchi

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