Incaliving uses organic, robust, and flavorful sacha inchi seeds, which are grown at only the best and ideal altitudes, between 1,900-2,900ft of the Amazonian jungle. This altitude is where research has shown that the seeds containing the highest concentration of Omega 3s reside. Incredibly, for every tablespoon, these seeds contain approximately 6,700mg of pure Omega 3s, which could help in improving blood circulation, may contribute to reducing triglycerides, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and sugar levels. Omega 3s also could help aid in weight loss (through a potential connection to an increased metabolism) and may help in regulating the digestive system.  Omega 3s do so much to potentially aid the body as they may help in ridding harmful bacteria buildup in the colon, kidneys and liver to potentially assisting in controlling brain function (anxiety, panic disorder, boosts memory, mood and a more relaxing sleep).

Additionally, our Sacha Inchi seeds are high in antioxidants, such as vitamin A (shown that it may help to regulate growth and division of cells, and may contribute to creating white blood cells-essential to illnesses and infections) and vitamin E (shown to possibly contribute to protecting cells, and could help in preventing the oxidation and formation of plaque in the arteries).

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