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100% Raw Peruvian Cacao Powder

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100% Organic Raw Maca Cacao Powder

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100% Organic Raw Cacao Nibs

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100% Organic Raw Sachi Cacao Protein

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Why is it important to consume cacao grown from Perú?

Perú is one of the world’s most biologically diverse countries. The various regions, and even the farm, give rise to unique flavors. In fact, 60% of the variety in the world’s cacao are indigenously grown in Peru, making Peru the second largest exporter of organic cacao worldwide. Additionally, over one-quarter of Peru’s cacao production is certified as organic, participates in fair trade and/or comes from a sustainable farm, which is what Incaliving is all about.


What is the difference between cacao, cocoa and chocolate?

Cacao are beans that have not been roasted and preserve all its nutritional value while cacao and chocolate is a processed byproduct of the beans, which are normally roasted and have sugar added.


Are there any side effects of taking cacao?

There have been no known side effects from taking cacao; however, if in doubt, always check with your physician.


What is the difference between Incaliving’s Cacao powder and cacao nibs?

They are essentially the same, even in nutritional value, except that the cacao powder is derived from the bite sized nibs being pulverized to a fine powder. 


How much cacao should I consume daily?

It is recommended consuming between 5-10g of cacao daily to experience most of the potential health benefits. Adjust based on individual needs.


When should I consume the cacao?

Cacao contains some caffeine so you may want to avoid enjoying it late at night.


How long will it take before I feel cacao’s potential health benefits working?

Individual results may vary; however, many people report noticing a difference within the first two weeks to one month of consistent daily usage.


Can I take cacao while I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, Cacao is safe to take while pregnant and breastfeeding. In fact, many researchers recommend it as it may help build immunity for mother and baby. Please consult with your doctor before consuming to confirm it’s right for you.


Is cacao safe for children?

Yes, Cacao is safe for children especially when wanting to give them a healthy treat over cookies and other sugary snacks.


If I’m on a diet, will cacao cause weight gain?

No. Cacao actually has been associated with helping weight loss, refer to our science tab to learn more about it. (A direct link is better) 


Can I cook or bake with cacao powder or nibs?

Yes, in fact, baking with them not only preserves all the nutritional value but adds a delicious taste to your recipes!


Has cacao been studied by science?

Yes, research has studied this superfood abundantly. Please visit our science tab to learn just some of the various studies completed with cacao demonstrating the multitude of potential health benefits. 


Do I get the same health benefits from cacao powder as I would if I eat the nibs?

Yes, both the cacao powder and the nibs contain the same health benefits.


Can I eat cacao nibs, while also using both the cacao powder and sachi cacao powder?

Yes, as a superfood you may enjoy as much cacao throughout the day, however, if in doubt, always consult with your physician.


Why is food better than supplements when it comes to nutrition?

According to Harvard medical school research, nutrients are more potent when they come directly from food as opposed to being derived in a lab; additionally, too much of a particular supplement can be unknowingly consumed, leading to dangerous and toxic levels.


What is a superfood?

A superfood is a food rich in compounds considered beneficial to a person’s health.


How long does cacao last on the shelves at my home?

Cacao will last unopened for about two years. An opened container, if stored in a cool place, will be fresh for up to a year.


If I take every day, how long before I would need to order cacao again?

If taking 10g of cacao a day (about two tablespoons), you can expect to reorder once a month


What type of diets will cacao work with (vegan, paleo, gluten free, etc.)?

Cacao is paleo friendly, gluten free, vegan as well as keto friendly for its low amount of carbs and good fats. It’s great for the Mediterranean diet, dash diet as well as many others. You should always consult your doctor prior to starting any diet. 


Are there any medical conditions that prevent me from taking cacao?

None that are known, but if you have a specific condition please consult with your physician first.


What separates Incaliving’s cacao from the competition?

Our cacao is grown at one of the world’s best known places to grow cacao—Peru. Additionally, we bottle and package everything at the source and transport it by plane making it the freshest, purest and highest quality superfood available to our customers.


Do I need to be worried about the caffeine in cacao?

It will depend on caffeine sensitivity. However, with cacao powder there is roughly 30mg of caffeine per 15g (2.5Tbsp.) and cacao nibs contain 41 mg of caffeine per 30g (3 Tbsp), while compared to a cup of coffee, which contains between 50-150mg of caffeine. 


What will the cacao taste like?

Cacao has a chocolate-like aroma but without any of the sugar.



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