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100% Organic Curcumin Vegetable Capsules (120ct)

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100% Organic Curcumin Powder

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Curcumin Product Page

Sachi Curcuma Protein Powder

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Q & A

Does Incaliving curcumin caps and powder contain black pepper?

Yes. Both our powder and capsules have black pepper extract which will aid for the absorption of the curcumin.

Where does Incaliving curcumin coming from?

Incaliving’s curcumin comes from the province of Chanchamayo and is known in Peru as the “Heart of the Jungle” for the incredibly nutrient rich soil used to cultivate the root. It is here in the wonderful climate and altitude that helps create our all-natural and organic turmeric root with 99% curcuminoids, and Incaliving is one of the few companies offering this high percentage of curcuminoids, which means some of the purest and most potent curcumin on the market.

Are Turmeric and Curcumin the Same?

Curcumin is the compound contained in turmeric and is taken from the root. Many people often take curcumin as a remedy since it is more potent than turmeric powder.

Why is it important to take curcumin grown from Perú?

The Curcumin that Peru offers is higher in quality and potency because of where it grows. It’s important to consume this Curcumin so it can help with the promotion of sustainability.

What will the curcumin taste like?

Curcumin has a musky earthy-sweet aroma, pairs well with many dishes and shakes. Check out our many recipes and enjoy

How is Curcumin and Sachi Cúrcuma gluten free Powder different?

Curcumin powder doesn’t have the sacha inchi component, it is just our organic Curcumin and black pepper extract while the Sachi Curcuma has the sacha inchi gluten free powder and Curcumin powder mixed together.

Are there any side effects of taking curcumin?

There are no known side effects of taking Curcumin.

How much curcumin should I take?

It is recommended to take between 1-3g per day depending on the benefits that you are looking for.

When should I take curcumin?

Curcumin can be taken anytime during the day preferably with or after meals.

How long will it take before I feel the curcumin working?

Usually you will start noticing the benefits depending on the dosage within the first two weeks, however we have had many that within days can already tell it is working for them.

Can I take curcumin while I’m pregnant or breast feeding?

It is recommended to take the powder into food when pregnant and during the last month of pregnancy as for some women it has shown to stimulate the uterus, while breastfeeding it is perfectly safe to take it. However if in doubt always check with your physician first.

Is curcumin safe for children?

Yes, children can take it on a daily basis you just want to alter the dosage, if it is the Curcumin powder alone, starting 1 years of age they can take about a baby spoonful in foods, juices smoothies. All of our other products that have the Curcumin can be taken with the regular dosage.

I’m on a diet, will curcumin cause weight gain?

No, Curcumin has been studied to potentially aid in weight loss, so it is perfect while dieting and trying to loss weight.

Can I cook or bake with curcumin?

Yes, cooking will not alter any of its properties or health benefits.

Has curcumin’s health benefits been studied by science?

Yes, plenty of research has been done, some of the most recent studies are located above under the tab Curcumin’s Science in order to see the many studies for the different health benefits.

Do I get the same health benefits from curcumin capsules as I would if I took powder?

Yes, our capsules are made for convenient usage while traveling or those that don’t want to taste it, but the exact benefits you will get from either one of them.

Can I use curcumin powder and Sachi Curcuma at the same time?

Yes. As superfoods you can take them together and you won’t have any problems. Having both will increase the versatility of their usage as you can use Sachi curcuma for making gluten free breads, cookies or other dishes that call for flour.

Why is food better than supplements when it comes to nutrition?

Food gets absorbed non their entirety by the body while supplements only have about a 10-20% absorption rate. You can look at some of the research pointing the many health benefits of consuming foods rather than supplements on our science tab above.

What is a superfood?

A food that is considered exceptionally good for one’s health and for boosting the immune system owing to its naturally high content of vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, or Omega3 fatty acids.

How long does curcumin last on my shelf at home?

Unopened bottles can last about three years while opened bottles as long as is stored in a cool environment can last well over a year.

If I take everyday, how long before I needed to order curcumin again?

The Curcumin powder after 35 days, the Curcumin capsules after 60 days, the Sachi cúrcuma after about 17 days

What type of diets do curcumin work with (vegan, paleo, gluten free, etc.)?

Curcumin is vegan, paleo friendly, gluten free so it works with all of those diets.

Are there any medical conditions that prevent me from taking curcumin?

If you are on blood statins it is recommended to check with your physician first as it may also help with thinning out the blood vessels.

What separates Incaliving’s curcumin from the competition?

Few things differentiate us from our competitors, first the high quality purity and potency coming from the place we grow our products, Peru and second, the way we transport them by plane allowing the consumer to get the freshest superfoods possible.





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