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Our passion is solely built on being the connection between a healthier lifestyle and the highest quality super foods coming from the purest places on earth; Amazonian Rain forest and the Andes in Peru.

We provide our customers with the finest all natural and organic Sacha Inchi Oil and Triple Maca to deal with the problems that affect us today, without the detrimental side effects of chemical supplements.

Our products are the purest with no additives, fillers or preservatives.

We gelatinized our maca, “gelatinizing the maca” is a light cooking method used by the ancient Incas that preserves all its nutrients while reaching 99.9% digestible.

We thrive on learning how many benefits you can experience by including these superfoods and making it part of your daily live.

You can be among the many others that have already experienced better health with our easy to use products; [btn text=”Sacha Inchi” tcolor=#ee2a2a thovercolor=#FF0000 link=”https://incalivingshop.com/sacha-inchi/” target=”_self”] and [btn text=”Triple maca ” tcolor=#ee2a2a thovercolor=#FF0000 link=”https://incalivingshop.com/gelatinized-maca/” target=”_self”] that are not just for those who may need a sudden boost in health, but also for those that want to maintain a strong immune system, strengthen joints, increase cardiovascular, metabolic and endocrine systems.

And now we also provide pure organic Red Maca Powder!

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