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You can be among the many others that have already experienced better health with our easy to use products; and that are not just for those who may need a sudden boost in health, but also for those that want to maintain a strong immune system, strengthen joints, increase cardiovascular, metabolic and endocrine systems.

And now we also provide pure organic Red Maca Powder!




Question: What is Maca?

Answer:  (Lepidium meyeni), also known as Maca, is an annual plant that produces a radish-like root that is indigenous to the mountainous and rugged terrain of the Peruvian highlands, and has been utilized by Andean cultures as a source of nourishment, energy, and healing for over two millenniums.

This harvested root of Maca was often used by Inca Warriors prior to battles or exploration because of the stamina, energy, and other health benefits the root provided.

Maca continues to be one of the most underappreciated roots since most people are unaware of the potentially powerful benefits.

Question: What is an adaptogen, and what are some of the benefits I can experience?

Answer:  An adaptogen is a term used to classify foods that possess the unique ability to adapt to your body’s metabolism; Maca works naturally with your individual body to increase your energy, vitality, sexual desire, performance, and much more.

Question: What is Sacha Inchi oil, and why is it better than fish, krill or other sources of omegas?

Answer:  (Plukenetia volubilis linneo), also known as Sacha Inchi, is an indigenous plant to the Peruvian Amazon Forest. It has been cultivated along the eastern slopes of the lower Andes for more than 3,000 years, and has been depicted on Inca tomb carvings. It was not only used by The Incas for its great nutritional value but also its medicinal healing properties.

Unlike fish, cod liver or krill oil, Sacha Inchi is 100% plant based, cold-pressed extra virgin and yields the ideal balance of all omegas (3, 6 and 9). It also provides a rich content of the omega 3 fatty acids (6,700mg) per serving. It is 96% digestible and contains no cholesterol; in fact, it has been shown to help fight cholesterol among many other diseases. Sacha Inchi oil also contains a high level of antioxidants vitamin A & E which allows the oil to maintain its freshness and not require refrigeration after opening it.

Question: Why Triple Maca is better than regular Maca?

Answer:  Triple Maca means all 3 colored roots are in 1 package or capsule. This is significantly important since each color of the root is associated with specific health benefits, so having all 3 colors of the root provides a more complete set of benefits to your body. Most companies only offer the yellow or gold Maca because it is the cheapest and most abundant, but the benefits are not complete. That is why Incaliving offers all three color of the roots to you.

Question: What is gelatinized, and why is it better?

Answer:  Gelatinized is an ancient Inca method of “lightly cooking” the Maca root by pressure for 2 seconds in order to rid the root of impurities, while also preserving all its nutritional value. The gelatinized process also allows the Maca to be digested 99.9% more efficiently than other supplements.

Question: What dosage should I start, or how do I determine the right amount for me?

Answer:  As a food, the dosage changes for each individual; it is best to start with a smaller amount then build up to find your comfort level for maximum benefits. Details on dosage are available on our page triple maca

Question: Why is it so important to process these superfoods at the source and transport them via plane?

Answer:  Having these superfoods bottled and packaged at the source limits the handling of the product and ensures that potency, purity, and quality is at its maximum. Transporting by plane in a controlled temperature environment, unlike commonly used large ships exposed to the sun and heat, allows Incaliving to preserve the quality, potency, and freshness of all our products.

Question: How would I be able to consolidate my supplements with these superfoods?

Answer: Maca and SachaInchi oil, unlike supplements digested through your liver, are absorbed through your digestive system.

This process allows a slower release and better absorption into your body. Both of these superfoods contain so many essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants, that adding other supplements simply becomes a costly option.


Question: Where can I get these superfoods?

Answer: Incaliving’s super foods are available through our current retailers, and also directly through our website for those that live abroad or prefer buying from the convenience of their own home.

Question: What’s the Shipping duration taken for National and International?

Answer: For National it takes 1-2 business days and for International it takes 2-3 weeks.


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