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100% Organic Gelatinized Red Maca Powder 226g

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100% Organic Gelatinized Triple Maca Powder 0.55lbs

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100% Organic Gelatinized Black Maca Powder 226g

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100% Organic Gelatinized Maca and Raw Cacao Powder

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Triple Maca vegetable capsules (100ct)

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Triple Maca vegetable capsules (40ct)

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Red Maca vegetable capsules (120ct)

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Q & A

1.What does gelatinized mean?

Gelatinized is an ancient Inca method of lightly cooking the maca by pressure  roughly two seconds to break down the different starches and rid the root of all unnecessary toxic enzymes.  This process of gelatinizing allows the maca to become 99.9% digestible while also preserving all its nutritional value.

2. What is the percentage of each maca root in the Triple Powder and Triple Capsules?

Our Triple Maca powder and capsules have the perfect balance of all three colors (60% Red, 20% Black, 20% Yellow)

3. Can you take too much Maca?

Maca is an adaptogen so it adapts to your own metabolism, you can take too much at once if you are not a regular maca usage and will experience insane amounts of energy or potentially loose stools. However, if you have been taking maca before, you can increase or decrease to whatever you see fit without any problems.

4. Do I have to cycle taking Maca?

You do not have to cycle while taking Maca, it is an adaptogenic root so as your body changes so does the Maca and their benefits to your body. However we have some customers that take a multitude of supplements and choose to cycle on and off but it is not necessary you body will not get used to it for you to stop taking it. Also, Maca is a superfood that you can take on a daily basis for years to come and not develop any kind of toxicity in your body.

5. Are these superfoods vegan?

Yes, all of our Supefoods are vegan, paleo friendly, contain no gluten, non gmo, not only USDA organic certified but 100% organic meaning there is nothing else added just the pure superfood.

Maca's Science

 How altitude may impact maca growth
Multitude of potential health benefits attributed to each color Maca

The importance of production and extraction of Maca

Digestibility of Gelatinized Maca versus Raw Maca

Potential health benefits that cooked Maca possess over raw Maca

Maca to potentially help reduce stress levels

Maca potentially helping to balance, control, and regulate hormone

May help in suppressing hot flashes, bloating, and possibly even mood swings during or before menopause

May also be linked to increased production of collagen, as well as possibly connected to increased sexual function and desire

Maca shown that it may provide stamina to athletes, like cyclists

Red Maca increasing free testosterone in men

Red Maca may help decrease in an enlarged prostate

Red Maca may help with erectile dysfunction

Maca potentially helping with libido

Stress and mood may also be impacted through red maca consumption

Black Maca with oxygenating and detoxifying the body thanks to an antioxidant enzyme called Catalase

SOD enzyme in Black maca may help reducing oxidative stress

Black Maca may help decrease the pain associated with arthritis

Black Maca all-natural adaptogen

Black Maca’s adaptogen has a higher capacity for antioxidants

Black Maca may also help in hormone balance overall

Black maca may help with memory

Black Maca’s possibility of improved cognitive function

Black Maca may also help strengthen the body’s bones

Maca cacao help maintain energy levels, stamina, and alertness in the morning

Yellow Maca may increase the body’s natural ability to fight harmful UV rays

Yellow Maca may possibly help with healthier skin

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