100% Organic Gelatinized Red Maca Powder 226g

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100% Organic Gelatinized Triple Maca Powder 0.55lbs

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100% Organic Gelatinized Black Maca Powder 226g

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100% Organic Gelatinized Maca and Raw Cacao Powder

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Triple Maca vegetable capsules (100ct)

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Triple Maca vegetable capsules (40ct)

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Red Maca vegetable capsules (120ct)

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Maca's Science

Gelatinized better than raw maca

Maca altitude may help in leading to specific health benefits

Genetic differences identified in various maca roots

maca color impacts the body differently

Maca color matters for health

processing and extraction of maca impacts benefits

Maca (as a root without identification of the botanical or popular name) was first published in 1553

May help with sexual dysfunctions as well as increasing sperm count and motility

Maca Increased energy through time trials for cyclists

Maca may prevent postmenopausal lipid abnormality and could help bone metabolism

Maca may potentially help as a neuroprotectant

May help with anxiety and depression

Maca may help with antidepressant activity

Black and yellow maca may increase sperm production

Maca may contribute to memory

Maca may help with erectile dysfunction and may impact libido

May Influence cognitive function

Antioxidant levels are different

Red maca higher nutrient level than other macas

May help with menopause

May improve sexual function for males and females

Maca may have links to helping with erectile dysfunction

Maca may alleviate SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction

May help with skin health

May help prevent skin damage from ultraviolet light

Yellow maca edges out Black maca in antioxidant capacity

Yellow maca may improve sperm count

Yellow maca may improve ejaculate volumes and sperm concentrations

black Maca essential oil, lipid and polysaccharide showed highest level of phenotype among macas

black maca may help bones

Black Maca records higher sperm count than yellow

Black maca may help reduce blood glucose

Black Maca appeared to have more beneficial effects on latent learning

Red maca has many studies looking at the potential impact on prostate

Red maca may help in bone density

Red maca may help with mood




It is important to get antioxidants through food over supplements



Q & A

What does gelatinized mean?

Gelatinized is an ancient Inca method of lightly cooking the maca by pressure  roughly two seconds to break down the different starches and rid the root of all unnecessary toxic enzymes.  This process of gelatinizing allows the maca to become 99.9% digestible while also preserving all its nutritional value.

What is the percentage of each maca root in the Triple Powder and Triple Capsules?

Our Triple Maca powder and capsules have the perfect balance of all three colors (60% Red, 20% Black, 20% Yellow)

Can you take too much Maca?

Maca is an adaptogen so it adapts to your own metabolism, you can take too much at once if you are not a regular maca usage and will experience insane amounts of energy or potentially loose stools. However, if you have been taking maca before, you can increase or decrease to whatever you see fit without any problems.

Do I have to cycle taking Maca?

You do not have to cycle while taking Maca, it is an adaptogenic root so as your body changes so does the Maca and their benefits to your body. However we have some customers that take a multitude of supplements and choose to cycle on and off but it is not necessary you body will not get used to it for you to stop taking it. Also, Maca is a superfood that you can take on a daily basis for years to come and not develop any kind of toxicity in your body.

 Are these superfoods vegan?

Yes, all of our Supefoods are vegan, paleo friendly, contain no gluten, non gmo, not only USDA organic certified but 100% organic meaning there is nothing else added just the pure superfood.

Why is it important to take maca grown from Perú?

Peru is the origin of the Maca root, specially the Andes mountains where research shows the best Maca grows, by consuming only Incaliving you are contributing to fair and sustainable practices and ensuring the next generations can also enjoy the magic grown on this land.

What will the maca taste like?

A buttery scotch like flavor, almost like a bitter caramel

Does maca color really matter?

Yes. That is the most important information you should considering when purchasing Maca as each color is associated with specific health benefits and most stores only sell the yellow maca becuse its the cheapest and most abundant.

Which color maca root should I consume?

Depending on what you are looking for, ALL color maca roots are both for men and women but with distinctive health benefits. Please refer to our science tab above or each color of the Maca page to see

Are there any side effects of consuming maca?

If consuming raw maca you may have some issues with digestion or potential goiters as raw maca has the starches and thick fibers that might upset someone’s digestion. This is why all of our Macas are gelatinized, not raw, to make sure the absorbability is 99% while preserving all its nutritional value.

What is the difference between raw and gelatinized maca?

Raw maca is exposed to mold, has thick fibers making hard to digest and toxic enzymes that if you have some endocrine problems might cause goiters. However, gelatinzied maca complies with the Ancient Inca method of lightly cooking the maca by pressure for two seconds in order to remove all starches and toxic enzymes while preserving all nutritional value. All of Incaliving’s Maca are 100% gelatinized.

How much maca should I take?

It really depends on the individual and their needs/goals, however according to peruvian tradition, it is recommended to consume between 3-5g of Maca a day in order to be able to experience all of its benefits. However, there is people that take well over 5g a day, so make sure you monitor yourself for the first couple days to weeks in order to determine the right dosage for you.

When should I take maca?

The black and triple Maca is recommended to take no longer than past 5pm since it helps with energy levels. However, the red maca can be taken later as it doesn’t affect energy levels. You should take Maca in the mornings preferably and pre and post workouts.

How long will it take before I feel maca working?

It depends on consistency and each individual, however assuming daily intake and right dosage, you can notice within a couple days to couple weeks. If after taking daily for that long are not experiencing all of the health benefits, then we recommend you alter the dosage.

Can I consume maca while I’m pregnant or breast feeding?

Our Maca is safe to take while pregnant and breastfeeding as its 100% organic an does not contain any lead because of the high altitude that it grows at. However, it is not the same for all other brands. We can only certified our brand as our own CEO has took it while she was pregnant with both of her kids. If any doubts or have further questions, feel free to contact us directly or your doctor before.

Is maca safe for children?

Yes, maca is a great superfood for kids starting from 9months old.

I’m on a diet, will maca cause weight gain?

Maca will not cause you to gain weight, however it will increase your muscle mass, this is because is a rich superfood full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and specific enzymes that help in that. In women they might notice and increase on the buttocks area and breast, but it will not be fat gain but muscle gain.

Can I cook or bake with maca?

Yes, cooking with our maca will not alter its nutricional value or potential health benefits at all.

Has maca been studied by science?

Yes, please refer to the Maca’s Science tab above to look at the specific scientific studies done and the many health benefits it highlights.

Do I get the same health benefits from maca capsules as I would if I took powder?

Yes, powder or capsules is the same potent maca root. The difference is the dosage per capsule versus the powder. In one teaspoon of the powder is 5g versus 2 capsules is 1g. Our capsules are vegetable cellulose and water which determines that the absorption stays the same between them.

Can I take multiple macas at once?

Yes, in fact many of our customers do that because they want to target multiple issues at once, or focusing on boosting some areas.

Why is food better than supplements when it comes to nutrition?

Food unlike supplements get absorb easily by the body, check out our Maca’s Science tab above to see the benefits or click here

What is a superfood?

A So-called “superfoods” are foods that are rich in nutrients. Superfoods are foods — mostly plant-based but also some fish and dairy — that are thought to be nutritionally dense and thus good for one’s health.

How long does maca last on the shelves in my house?

Incaliving’s Maca lasts unopen for about 3 years while open as long as it is store in a dry cool environment will last up to a year.

If I take everyday, how long before I needed to order maca again?

Depends how much you take, however if taking 5g a day of the powder you will have a 50 days supply. Our veggie capsules taking 2 a day will give you also 50 day supply.

What type of diets do maca work with (vegan, paleo, gluten free, etc.)?

All of them.

Are there any medical conditions that prevent me from taking maca?

No known conditions that we are aware of as Maca is a food and goes through your digestion, however if in doubt please consult your physician before or contact us directly.

What separates Incaliving’s maca from the competition?

First, where we plant our Maca unlike many companies is the best place where maca grows according to research about 15,000ft of the Andes mountains in Peru. Second, we bottle and package our maca at the source to then transport it by plane ensuring the maximum quality, purity, potency and perhaps freshest Maca on the market. We also like to give back and donate 10% of our online sales to Love your neighbor Asia a non profit that fights human and sex trafficking. lastly, we believe that empowering women in Peru is also essential to get them out of poverty and that is why our workforce is comprised of 80% women.

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