Breast feeding/Nursing

When we get pregnant the first thing that comes into our minds is whether or not something we eat is safe for us and the baby. We look at all labels in foods and go to the store to buy the common “prenatal vitamins that most of us forget to take on a daily basis. Fortunately for all new moms, we have now 100% organic pure superfoods from Peru that not only help replenish our bodies and give us the necessary nutrients for us and the baby while pregnant but go a step forward and help us endure this journey by providing more comfort and relief to some known effects of pregnancy. Also, these superfoods can be used as prenatal vitamins as they are packed with bioabsorbable vitamins minerals and essential amino acids. Because we only provide our moms with the highest and best quality of these superfoods, you can see that other brands of these are not recommended while pregnant while ours is. We don’t give our moms something we didn’t take ourselves. Our CEO Daniela Velarde has been the living proof during pregnancy that ALL of these are safe but also great to reduce hormonal imbalances, lack of energy, lack of focus or concentration, improve digestion, prevent gestational diabetes, weight management and much more! Ask us about why our superfoods are safe compared to others or if you have any questions.