Liver Detox

Superfoods that are great to detox not only your liver, but also your body from harmful chemicals. The black maca has a catalyse enzyme that its primary job is to split the hydrogen peroxide molecules we have in our bodies, into water and oxygen. This one enzyme coming from a plant as the black maca is great because it gets absorb into the bloodstream quicker than any other supplement or chemical drug. One enzyme can convert 40 million molecules into water and oxygen in 1 second. This is also why black maca is considered the fountain of youth among other important health benefits. Sacha Inchi seed is especial for detox as it contains a high vegan source of omega 3, these omega 3 fatty acids are working daily to clean out toxicity from your body but specifically the colon and liver, also helping reduce fatty liver syndrome and other digestion issues. Taking it daily is essential for a notorious recovery or benefits. One tablespoon a day as prevention and 2 or more as an alternative all-natural healer. Curcumin is another important superfood that helps detox your lover and also your blood