100% organic

All of our Incaliving’s superfoods are 100% organic from Peru. These wonderful superfoods are rich in many minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. We are focused on quality, purity, and potency. Not only are we USDA organic but 100% organic bottling and packaging every product at the source and transporting it directly via plane to the United States. We also work with local farmers to endure that not only everything is harvested and packaged correctly but also sustainability. This is another reason why we are not using any pesticides or chemicals into our products which ensures the consumer gets 100% organic superfoods all the time. All of our superfoods are not genetically modified, as we believe that the riches food comes from nature. These superfoods that are 100% organic come from the most pristine regions in Peru, all the way from the Amazon Rainforest to the Andean mountains. We have a variety of superfoods that help everyone from birth to the elderly in providing natural alternatives to their lifestyles in order to have a healthier living. Incalivings’ superfoods are safe for women that are pregnant as all of our superfoods are 100% organic but also when it comes to our Triple Maca powder, or the Red and Black maca are also 100% gelatinized, which is an ancient Inca method to lightly cooking the maca by pressure for 2 seconds in order to get rid of the toxic enzymes of the tuber and also allow 99% digestability into the body giving the soon to be mother and her  child all the nutrition needed while receiving hormonal balance, energy, stamina, mental focus and strengthing bones and inmmune system. We also provide our highest vegan source of Omegas (3,6 &9) that comes directly from the Amazon Rainforest, Incaliving’s Sacha Inchi oil which is a cold press oil 100% organic, raw vegan oil that contains the highest amount of Omega 3 fatty acid per serving 6,700mg of Omega 3. This wonderful seed also contains some natural antioxidants which are vitamins A & E while also being free of cholesterol and any preservatives.