Incaliving powerful omegas package

Incaliving powerful omegas package

1 Sacha Inchi oil, 1 Curcumin powder, 1 Sacha Inchi spread

Use our delicious oil to dress any salads or cooked meals that will give you the perfect balance of fatty acids Omegas (3,6&9) on a daily basis. Obtain your source of protein with our delicious Sacha Inchi spread that can be easily used to make some sandwiches or dip your favorite fruits and veggies. Use the curcumin powder to marinate any meats, veggies, cook rice or simply add to a juice or smoothie for help lowering cholesterol, decreasing inflammation and increasing metabolism. Just in case you forget to take it daily, take a couple of the curcumin capsules with you for a convenient way to keep up with good health.

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100% Organic raw Sacha Inchi oil 250ml

30 days supply aprox

Serving size: 1 Tablespoon a day

Highest vegan source of Omega 3 ( 1 Tbs= 6,700mg)

Perfect Balance of Omega (3,6, & 9)

0% Cholesterol, no preservatives or additives

Rich source of antioxidants vitamins A & E

Bottled and packaged at the source in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru for highest potency and purity

Transported by plane to ensure maximum quality

*Consume: Raw, without heating the oil otherwise it will loose its nutritional value*

Sacha Inchi spread: 100% Organic Sacha Inchi seeds 7oz

Serving size: 2 Tablespoons

10 days supply

6 g of plant protein

5g of fiber

0% Sugars

o% Cholesterol

Ideal balance of Omegas (3,6 & 9)

High content of Magnesium (110% DV), Zinc (73%DV)

Ingredients: 100% raw organic Sacha Inchi seeds, a pinch of sea salt and less than 1g of organic panela (unrefined whole cane sugar)

Curcumin powder:  100% Organic Turmeric root extract with 99% curcuminoids 2.5oz

Serving size: 2 scoops

45 days supply

*Contains black pepper extract for better absorption*

Check out our recipe tab for ideas on how to use each and everyone of these superfoods!


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