Incaliving triple maca strengh and energy

Incaliving triple maca strengh and energy

1 triple Maca powder, 1 Triple Maca capsules, 1 Maca Cacao

Are you a Maca lover or have you always wanted to try? Use the powder on shakes, smoothies, baking or even as a quick shot in the morning. The Maca Cacao is a great mix to your pre work out for extra energy, or use a couple of capsules midway through a party to help the start of the next day! Whichever way you choose to use them, enjoy the sustained energy and tons of nutrition on this joyful bundle!

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100% Organic gelatinized Maca powder 250gr or 500mg per vegetable capsule

50 days supply; Powder

100 veggie caps per bottle

serving size: 1 teaspoon or 3-6 capsules a day

All colors of Maca root (60% Red, 20% Black, 20% Yellow)

Maca Cacao powder: (70%  Gelatinized Yellow Maca, 30% Raw Cacao)

Harvest at 15,000 ft of the Andes where research shows the best quality of Maca grows

Bottled and packaged at the source for maximum potency and purity

Transported by plane to ensure highest quality

Gelatinized: An ancient Inca method of “lightly” cooking the Maca root by pressure for 2 seconds in order to eliminate the toxic enzymes of the tuber while preserving ALL of its nutricional value and allow a 99.9% digestibility.

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