Premium Peruvian Cacao Powder 9oz.

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100% Organic Raw Cacao Powder From Peru

  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorous


Adults take 1 capsule 1-2 times daily with meals.

If you have a medical condition or take medications, please consult with your doctor before use. Store away from children. Use only as directed on label. Safety-sealed for your protection. Keep bottle capped at all times and store in a cool, dry place. Natural separation may occur. This does not affect product quality.

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Incaliving\’s Cacao comes from the center region of Peru at the skirts of the Amazonian jungle in the town of Tingo Maria. We carefully sun dry our cacao beans to develop a richer and fuller taste.

Copper helps formation of collagen, production of energy, absorption of iron

Manganese important for helping bone production, skin antioxidants and fight (UV) damage, as well as blood sugar control

Magnesium is important for preventing hypertension and type II diabetes, Maintaining normal muscle and nerve response, and helping to prevent depression and anxiety

Phosphorous is important for helping kidneys effectively excreting waste, bone and teeth formation, and helping the mind stay active and alert

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