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Incaliving’s Maca Cacao Powder

Since most health products seem geared towards adults, it’s no surprise Incaliving has the perfect superfood both adults and kids can use. Incaliving’s all-natural and organic Maca Cacao Powder (70% yellow maca powder and 30% cacao powder) was designed with the entire family in mind. It’s the perfect superfood for everyone in the house because of the numerous health benefits while not compromising on taste for those picky eaters.

Incaliving’s maca cacao powder is a special blend of 70% yellow maca root, (the same organic yellow maca utilized in Incaliving’s Triple Maca) and 30% cacao powder so it tastes great while being an excellent superfood source of health everyone can enjoy.

Additionally, what makes our yellow maca a superfood is that it is grown at 15,000 feet in the Andes Mountains of Peru, which is the ideal altitude for the best growth according to research (Meissner et al, 1); add that to the fact the soil at these heights contain an abundance of rich nutrients and that is how Incaliving can offer some of the purest and finest yellow maca in the world. After all, according to research research the genetics of maca (Meissner et al, 2) and the composition of each root (Clément et al, 3) impacts the potential health of the body differently (Gonzalez et al, 4). Also, despite the costs, we make sure to properly gelatinize our maca because we never compromise on purity, taste and health because for maca to maintain its superfood status, the location, extraction, cooking and packaging have to be perfect (Wang et al, 5)

Similarly, Incaliving’s 100% raw organic cacao powder is grown at the foothills of the Andes Mountains in the province of Tingo Maria; a region known for having the best cacao in the world (Arévalo-Gardini et al, 6). After carefully selecting only the best cacao beans, which are then sun-dried, our farmers pulverize the beans into a fine powder, and when the raw organic cacao powder is combined with an adaptogenic herb, like the yellow maca, the raw cacao powder potentiates these benefits.

Because Incaliving strives for the purest and most potent superfoods, our cacao and yellow maca are then packaged at the source and then transported via plane to our US distribution center. By packaging at the source, an expensive process, we are able to maintain the highest overall quality better than our competitors’ because potency is lost the longer it remains in transit and unpackaged. Incaliving has always believed that your health and the health of your family always comes first, which is why we pride ourselves on bringing only the finest and purest health supplements straight from our farms to your table.


“My son doesn’t even notice the maca cacao powder on his yogurt, oatmeal or cereal; he thinks it’s just a delicious topping we use,” Janice M. of Michigan City, Indiana wrote in an email explaining what she loved about Incaliving’s all-natural and organic maca cacao powder. To enjoy all the healthy benefits of Incaliving’s maca cacao powder, we suggest a dosage of 1 to 2 tablespoons per day, but results may vary so adjustments should be made based on personal/family needs. Our maca cacao powder can be used on a variety of foods including: sprinkle on top of yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, add to juices, shakes, milk, and add to other baked goods so please see our delicious recipes.

Amazing Potential Health Benefits

It is the undeniable delicious taste of our cacao powder packed full of many nutritional benefits (Wickramasuriya et al, 7) that makes it a hit with moms and kids alike. Cacao is known for its potential health benefits throughout the body (Reis De Araujo et al, 8) and as a complex source of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, but raw cacao also contains Omega fatty acids and phenethylamine, which is commonly known as PEA, or the feel good neurotransmitter responsible for the feeling of love (Borah et al, 9). Additionally, eating raw cacao powder could possibly raise levels of natural serotonin, which may improve mood and help to fight depression (Herraiz, 10), and may help deliver tryptophan (Jenny et al, 11), which is essential to humans and since the body cannot synthesize it, tryptophan must be obtained through diet.

Cacao is also full of protein, fiber, and other essential amino acids that may directly benefit mental well-being (Román et al, 12), may help stimulate the cardiovascular system (Davinelli et al, 13) and could improve circulation to the brain (Sokolov et al, 14). Also, it may help in impacting cognitive function (Sumiyoshi et al, 15). Additionally, Incaliving’s raw organic Cacao offers some of the highest plant source of iron available by containing about 7mg or 39% of your recommended daily iron intake (Yokoi et al, 16).

Organic yellow maca offers a variety of benefits. Yellow maca is known to possibly help with maintaining energy levels and alertness in the morning (Gonzalez’s al, 17), but research has also demonstrated that consistent usage may increase the body’s natural ability to fight harmful UV rays (Gonzales-Castañeda et al, 18). Maca also may possibly help with healthier skin (Gonzales-Castañeda et al, 19) to where it is being researched as an additive for cosmetics (Li et al, 20).

Yellow Maca may also be beneficial in helping to improve mood and alleviating stress (Brooks et al, 21). Also, it may potentially act as a natural antidepressant according to studies (Rubio et al, 22) because it may be linked to hormonal balance, especially for women in menopause (Lee, 23) or those woman possibly suffering from female sexual dysfunction (Dording et al, 24). Additionally, woman may benefit from the potential linked to fertility (Ruiz-Luna et al, 25)

For men, maca may act like an aphrodisiac (Gonzalez et al, 26) for may help men experience improved sexual desire (Gonzalez et al, 27). Additionally, it may increase the production of sperm (Sanchez-Salazar et al, 28) and may help in the aid against erectile dysfunction (Shin et al, 29).

Another potential benefit of Maca is that it may help control blood glucose levels (Vecera et al, 30). It may be connected to an increase of stamina in athletes like cyclists (Stone et al, 31) and has plenty of protein (Wu et at, 32) and amino acids that may help in muscle building.

Why Buy from Incaliving?

Overall, it’s clear to see what separates Incaliving’s gelatinized 100% organic Maca and Cacao powder, but in addition to one of the finest superfoods on the market, we also take pride in our initiatives we participate in through various means. For instance, something that our competitors rarely can afford to participate in is sustainable farming. This is essential in wanting to continually produce the finest and purest yellow maca powder and the delicious organically grown cacao while also preserving the land to benefit future generations of superfood consumers and earth conscious people.

In addition to our commitment to sustainability, we also take pride in our initiative to have our workforce (90%) be mostly women. The empowering of women, especially in Peru, gives them a chance to leave poverty and provide them more opportunities to feed their families and grow/start their own businesses. You too can take pride in knowing that your purchase has helped support this initiative.

Lastly, 10 percent of all online profits are donated to Love Your Neighbor Asia, a nonprofit here in the United States but with a grass roots effort in Thailand helping in the fight against sex trafficking. We encourage you to visit their web page or their Facebook page Love Your Neighbor Asia for more information about this amazing foundation, this wonderful cause, or if you would like to donate.

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