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Incaliving’s Premium Red Maca Powder and our vegetable capsules, like all red maca, is one of the most important superfoods, yet it is the scarcest color of maca root that is available, especially for companies that are more worried about profits over quality or health.  What makes Incaliving’s Red Maca Root Powder (290g) and our vegan vegetable capsules 500mg (120 count) different than our competition’s is the purity, potency and the high-grade plant root that is initially planted at around 15,000 feet in the Andes Mountains of Perú, which research helps to demonstrate may be the ideal spot (Meissner et al, 1), especially since more and more science is showing a distinction when the maca is grown in Peru over China (Geng et al, 2). This quality maca root might be because our team of farmers are trained in sustainability and organic growing,and plant in only the most dense and nutrient rich soil since it is this type of soil that may help produce the best red maca possible. Maca color has been extensively researched and shown to have a multitude of potential health benefits attributed to each color (Clément et al, 3) and are genetically different (Meissner et al, 4).

Additionally, the process of how it is cured helps to distinguish our product from the competition (Wang et al 5). We only utilize the all-natural sun drying process developed by early Incas, which means about two months to dry the freshly cut black roots (depending on the weather). This is a longer process than what the big companies would do; however, this natural drying process allows the red root to be more flavorful and release more nutrients through the sun’s heat.

Once our red maca root is harvested, it is then sun-dried for two months. Next, we gelatinize the dried red maca root in the same ancient Inca method of lightly cooking the root through pressure for roughly two seconds to break down the different starches and rid the root of all unnecessary toxic enzymes.  When maca is gelatinized, the body will quickly digest it while preserving many of its nutritional value. Unfortunately, despite the research (Zhang et al, 6), most companies only offer raw maca root since it is cheaper considering 4 pounds of raw maca is equivalent to 1 pound of the gelatinized maca Incaliving utilizes in our organic Red Maca Powder.

Additionally, these same companies do not care about the potential health benefits that cooked maca possess over raw maca (Canales et al, 7). Incaliving utilizes a lengthy and costly process but it is essential because it means a better quality of superfood is in our customers’ hands. Just another reason why all our maca roots are 100% gelatinized: purity, taste, digestion, and overall benefits for the body.

Like any superfood, daily use is essential to experience all the healthful benefits potentially available. If combined with Incaliving’s Triple Maca Powder (click here for more information) you can add ½ a teaspoon of Incalving’s Red Maca Powder daily to any juices, shakes, smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, coffee or so much more. If using while baking, it is recommended to mix with flour, (pairs great with Sachi Curcuma) make sure it is mixed well. If using only Incaliving’s Red Maca Powder, you can use one to two teaspoons a day and increase or decrease as needed.

Amazing Potential Health Benefits

Red maca is touted among the world’s best superfoods for the many potential health benefits that have been linked to it through research. First, “red maca administration increases levels of IFN-γ”, which may help everyone looking to fight off infections as IFN-y has been possibly linked to protecting the body against viral, some bacterial and protozoal infections (Leiva-Revilla et al, 8).

The red maca root may play a critical role in balancing hormones for woman facing postmenopausal depression (Wang et al, 9) and may help with overall mood (Gonzales-Arimborgo et al, 10). Additionally, red maca may potentially offer anxiety help (Gonzalez et al, 11) and may be a natural aid against depression (Rubio et al, 12).

When it comes to potential protection for the bones, both the black maca and red maca showed considerable promise (Gonzalez et al, 13) but red is also slightly better than black maca for its possible help with stamina energy (Gonzales-Arimborgo et al, 14).

One area where more and more science research seems to finding a general consensus about red maca is that it appears it may help reduce enlarged prostates in males (Fano et al, 15). In another study, research found that, “Red maca but neither yellow nor black maca reduced significantly ventral prostate size in rats” (Gonzalez et al, 16). In a separate study, “Red maca administered from day 1 to day 14 reduced prostate size and zinc levels…” (Gonzalez et al, 17).

Although Incaliving’s premium and organically grown black and yellow macas are high in nutrients, red maca may have higher levels of healthy nutrients (Gonzalez et al, 18). Also, red maca showed the highest amounts of concentrations of glucosinolates, which may have anticarcinogenic properties (Meissner et al, 19).

The potential health benefits of red maca may also include skin. First, “red maca protected the skin and liver against significant increases in the lipid peroxidation activity observed in the unprotected animals (Gonzales-Castañeda et al, 20), but wounded skin may also benefit from red maca after promising research showing the possibility for increased healing (Nuñez et al, 21).

Why Buy from Incaliving

Overall, it’s clear to see what separates Incaliving’s 100% organic gelatinized Red Maca from other macas, but in addition to one of the finest superfoods on the market, we also take pride in our initiatives we participate in through various means. For instance, something that our competitors rarely can afford to participate in is sustainable farming. This is essential in wanting to continually produce the finest and purest red maca powder while also preserving the land to benefit future generations of superfood consumers and earth conscious people.

In addition to our commitment to sustainability, we also take pride in our initiative to have our workforce (90%) be mostly women. The empowering of women, especially in Peru, gives them a chance to leave poverty and provide them more opportunities to feed their families and grow/start their own businesses. You too can take pride in knowing that your purchase has helped support this initiative.

Lastly, 10 percent of all online profits are donated to Love Your Neighbor Asia, a nonprofit here in the United States but with a grass roots effort in Thailand helping in the fight against sex trafficking. We encourage you to visit their web page or their Facebook page Love Your Neighbor Asia for more information about this amazing foundation, this wonderful cause, or if you would like to donate.


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