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Sacha Inchi Protein Powder

If you follow the science of superfoods like Incaliving, then it is no wonder why scientists would consider sacha inchi as a crop to help combat some of the global issues we may face in the future (Kodhal et al, 1). There are many reasons the sacha inchi tree is seen as so crucial as a crop but it also because of how healthy the seeds from the tree’s pods are and how versatile the plant’s seeds can be. The many possible health benefits and the potential impacts on global climate change are why Incaliving is proud to offer our organic and gluten free Sacha Inchi Protein Powder, which is not only a great source of all-natural fiber and magnesium but has no added sugars or preservatives. Sacha inchi Protein Powder provides nearly 9 grams of plant protein, 3 grams of carbohydrates and 697mgs of Omega 3s per serving, so it is a great wheat flour substitute perfect for those interested in Keto. It is also an exceptionally high-quality flour for vegan diets as well as those foodies always looking for tasty new plant protein alternatives for their cooking and meals. Please see our wide variety of delicious recipes containing Sacha Inchi Protein Powder as well as our other products.

To make Incaliving’s Sacha Inchi Protein Powder, we use only all-natural and organically grown sacha inchi seeds that are harvested at just the right time by one of our organic and sustainably trained farmers. The perfect sacha inchi seed, according to some scientists, are indigenously grown in places throughout South America, like our farm in Lamas, Perú (Westreicher, 2). This tree thrives in the ideal altitudes (between 1,900-2,900ft.) and the Amazon Jungle’s fertile and nutrient rich soil, which combine to cultivate the best seeds packed with omegas. (Ramos-Escudero et al, 3). It is here, in the Amazonian Jungle, that researchers are confirming what the Incas have known for nearly 3000 years, that sacha inchi can really help to impact health by simply consuming daily some of the highest concentrations of plant Omega 3s available (Kim et al, 4).

Next, the seeds are dried, and keeping in the same time honored tradition as the ancient Incas, are then cold pressed, which is utilized to create Incaliving’s all-natural, organic and cold pressed extra virgin Sacha Inchi Oil (click here for more details regarding Sacha Inchi Oil and its health benefits). Conscience of the potential uses of the remaining sacha inchi paste, it is then heated slightly to help maximize the health benefits (Buenos-Borges et al, 5). Cooking at the ideal temperature will not only enhance the natural flavor of the sacha inchi paste (Kim et al, 6) it will also potentate the health benefits (Srichamnong et al, 7).

Once the flour is dried and sifted through to remove remaining impurities, Incaliving’s deliciously healthy organic and gluten free Sacha Inchi Protein Powder is immediately packaged at the source in Perú and flown directly to our distribution warehouse. This means perhaps the freshest and purest protein powder on the market providing an abundance of potential health benefits.

Additionally, this protein powder pairs perfectly with both our curcumin (click here for more information regarding Incaliving’s Sachi Curcuma) and cacao (click here for more information about how Incaliving combined the “seed of life” with the “food of the gods” in Sachi Cacao) to bring a multitude of possible health benefits, not just the great potential benefits of sacha inchi.

Surprising Health Benefits

First, Sacha Inchi Protein Powder contains an amazing 7g of plant proteins per serving, which is important for it may help in hair, nail growth, muscle growth and maintenance, (Gonzales et al, 8). In fact, because of protein be essential in the body, regardless of source, plant proteins have also been shown by scientists to potentially help “prevent the onset of risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease, i.e., hypercholesterolemia and hypertension, in humans” (Chalvon-Demersay et al, 9).

And the impact of sacha inchi on heart health (Fleming et al, 10) is not from just the protein possibly impacting blood pressure and hypertension (Gonzalez et al, 11) but also the high amount of potassium. Since sacha inchi has a surprisingly amount of potassium, nearly 5g per serving, it may help to impact blood pressure, hypertension, and the heart as well (Kim et al, 12).

Next, also associated with the sacha inchi seeds utilized to make our protein powder is the possible connection to a reduction in cholesterol simply by replacing the bad fats in our diets (Chirinos et al, 13). Sacha inchi is finding more and more of the science community beginning to support the idea that this superfood impacts cholesterol (Garmendia et al, 14). In fact, sacha inchi may help lower the LDL (Alayon et al, 15) as well potentially increase the HDL because after four months of an experiment between sacha inchi and sunflower, it was the Inca Peanut impacting and raising the HDL the most (Gonzales et al, 16).

Additionally, sacha inchi contains a balance of the fatty acids Omegas 3, 6 and 9 (Kim et al, 17), which when coming from a renewable plant source (Fleming te al, 18), could be just as effective as fish oils according to more and more research (Maurer et al, 19). So, with approximately 6,700mg of pure Omega 3s, sacha inchi seeds are increasingly important in diets because of the numerous potential health benefits (Fanali et al, 20). The omega 3s found naturally in sacha inchi (Ramos-Escudero et al, 21) may also work to potentially help reduce the inflammation of the joints, muscle soreness from exercising and aides in the fight of possible chronic diseases linked to inflammation, like arthritis (Nasciemento et al, 22).

Also, once again, the Omega-3 fatty acids found in the seeds could potentially help to reduce inflammation within the brain and alleviate headaches and emotional pain (Kohler et al, 23). Sacha inchi could possibly help ease inflammation within the brain, which can cause emotional issues like depression and memory loss (Cisneros et al, 24).

A diet rich in omegas may help in improving the appearance of the skin, while also reducing wrinkles, sunspots, and blemishes (Soimee et al, 25). Also, omega 3s from the sacha inchi seed may have soothing anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent psoriasis and eczema (Raveendran, 26).

But the potential benefits for the skin are not just due to the rich omegas. Sacha inchi seeds are also high in antioxidants gamma-tocopherol and phenolic compounds, and they may help protect the body from aging faster since these antioxidants help to fight harmful free radicals (Cisneros et al, 27). Additionally, these same antioxidants, gamma- and delta- tocopherols (Powers et al, 28) found in sacha inchi may help in the management and combat of diabetes (Hanseen et al, 29).

It may seem strange because of the high calorie count associated with sacha inchi seeds, and products derived from it, but sacha inchi protein powder may also help in the fight against weight gain too (Sathe et al, 30). First, the fiber, which is linked to gastrointestinal health, represents approximately 75% of the 3g of carbohydrates present in Sacha Inchi Protein Powder (So et al, 31). Additionally, more research is supporting the idea that fiber-rich whole food sources containing carbohydrates are most likely superior to refined carbohydrates for diet (Giacco et al, 32).

Finally, sacha inchi seeds are high in a compound called tryptophan, which may help for mood because it is a precursor to the hormone serotonin (Sadok et al, 33). Serotonin is a neurotransmitter and these seeds are believed to help calm the nerves, boost the mood and deal with anxiety, depression, and stress (Fanali et al 34). The tryptophan in these healthy seeds may also help with a restful night sleep naturally, and it seems that is one thing everyone needs and wants a little bit more these days (Hornyak et al 35).

Why Buy from Incaliving?

Incaliving is committed to helping the world through providing some of the best all-natural and organic products, but in addition to that mission, we also take pride in our initiatives we participate in through various means. For instance, something that our competitors rarely can afford to participate in is sustainable farming. This is essential in wanting to continually produce the finest and purest sacha inchi seeds for our protein powder while also preserving the land of Lamas to benefit future generations of superfood consumers and earth conscious people.

In addition to our commitment to sustainability, we also take pride in our initiative to have our workforce (90%) be mostly women. The empowering of women, especially in Peru, gives them a chance to leave poverty and provide them more opportunities to feed their families and grow/start their own businesses. You too can take pride in knowing that your purchase has helped support this initiative.

Lastly, 10 percent of all online profits are donated to Love Your Neighbor Asia, a nonprofit here in the United States but with a grass roots effort in Thailand helping in the fight against sex trafficking. We encourage you to visit their web page or their Facebook page Love Your Neighbor Asia for more information about this amazing foundation, this wonderful cause, or if you would like to donate.

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