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Sachi Cacao Powder

When you combine the “ Food of the gods”, (cacao beans) and the “Seed of life” (sacha inchi seed), you get Incaliving’s Sacha Inchi gluten free flour with organic Cacao, an undeniable superfood packed with potential health benefits for the whole body!

Not only does Sacha Inchi Flour with Cacao contain Omegas 3s (532mg) and the natural proteins (7gr) available from the sancha inchi seed but it is available with the great taste and potential health benefits of cacao. This flour is perfect for the vegan cook looking to change up some of their dessert recipes, shakes or is great for keto made treats thanks to this low carb and no sugar superfood.

William D. of Las Vegas said he loves Incaliving’s Sacha Inchi Flour with Cacao for many reasons but mainly because, “I just love when the same food I’m already eating, can do a little more!” Thanks William for a perfect description of many of our superfoods, but it is so true of Incaliving’s organic Sacha Inchi Flour with organic cacao, which contains all the same health benefits of our regular gluten free flour (7g protein, 669mg Omega 3) but with added organic cacao powder.

Incaliving’s 100% raw organic cacao powder, which is grown at the foothills of the Andes Mountains in the province of Tingo Maria; a region known for having some of the best cacao in the world. After carefully selecting only the best all-natural, organic cacao beans, which are then sun-dried, our farmers pulverize the beans into a fine powder.

Our pure, 100% organic and raw cacao powder is a deliciously healthy food that contains almost 300 phytochemicals, which can potentially help the body in so many different ways. Maybe that is why the cacao bean is sometimes referred to as the “Food of the gods”.

We then mix in our delicious all-natural gluten free Sancha inchi flour (click here for more information about the product and other health benefits), which is made from selecting and harvesting the perfect seeds, which some scientists believe reside in Perú. Incaliving’s organically grown and all-natural Sacha Inchi flour is harvested from the sancha inchi tree native to South America. This tree tree thrives in the fertile and nutrient rich soil of the Amazon jungles because it is grown at the ideal altitudes between 1,900-2,900ft. It is here in the Amazonian jungle that researchers are helping to confirm what the Incas have known for nearly 3000 years, that sacha inchi can really help to impact health by simply consuming daily some of the highest concentrations of Omega 3s available.

Next, the seeds are dried, and keeping in the same time honored tradition as the ancient Incas, are then cold pressed, which is utilized to create Incaliving’s all-natural, organic and cold pressed virgin Sacha Inchi Oil (click here for more details regarding Sacha Inchi Oil and its health benefits). Conscience of the potential uses of the remaining sacha inchi paste, it is then heated slightly to help maximize the health benefits. Cooking at the ideal temperature will not only enhance the natural flavor of the sacha inchi paste it will also potentate the health benefits.

Because Incaliving strives for the purest and most potent superfoods, our Sacha Inchi with Cacao is then packaged at the source and then transported via plane to our US distribution center. By packaging at the source, an expensive process many companies wouldn’t consider, we can maintain the highest overall quality better than our competitors’ Sacha Inchi Flour with Cacao because potency is lost the longer it remains in transit and unpackaged.

Amazing Potential Health Benefits

First, unlike processed dark chocolate, antioxidants are preserved in raw cacao and may contribute to higher levels of antioxidants, like: oligomeric, procynanidins, resveratrol, and polyphenols (Garcia et al, 9). In fact, the antioxidants available in cacao is higher than most red wine and teas (Lee et al, 10) and a Harvard study demonstrated more antioxidants in cacao than blueberries (Crozier et al, 11). Overall, there are a few herbs and spices that could provide higher levels of antioxidants because cacao contains approximately four times the antioxidant than many other foods. so, generally speaking, you won’t be consuming enough of these foods to obtain the same amount of antioxidants found in a normal dose of Incaliving’s raw and organic cacao.

Next, one of the important ways cacao may impact health is through flavanols (Vlachojannis et al, 12), which may help promote dilation, strength and health of blood vessels. These flavanols, like theobromine, may impact all areas of the body (Fraga et al, 13). For instance, in one long-term study, the theobromine in cacao may help inhibit the enzyme responsible for cancer growth and may also help reduce the body’s rapid cell regeneration, and this could help slow tumour growth as well (Martínez-Pinilla et al, 14). Theobromine in cacao nibs may help in fighting tooth decay (Kargul et al, 15) and is promising news for moms, kids and dentists everywhere.

Incaliving’s Sachi Inchi with Cacao could also possibly help heart health since cacao may help impact blood pressure, improve blood flow, and lower cholesterol thanks to the essential minerals and vitamins found in cacao (Wan et al, 16). Additionally, cacao may help reduce the buildup of plaque on artery walls (Galleano et al, 17) and may aid against high cholesterol (Neufingerl et al, 18) as consuming cacao showed “decreasing apolipoprotein B and LDL-cholesterol concentrations”.

Also, the magnesium in cacao powder could help in the fight against heart disease by potentially lowering blood pressure because one study showed 42 participants received 1,000 mg of cacao per day over the course of three weeks and monitored their blood pressure. They noted a clear decrease in the blood pressure levels during the three-week study (van den Bogaard et al, 19).

Not only could the magnesium in raw cacao assist with those suffering from hypertension, it may help with diabetes (Spencer et al, 20) according to more than one study (Shah et al, 21). This is promising news for those looking for a great healthy snack to help fight hunger and the effects of debilitating disease.

Cacao may also help with premature aging because of the polyphenols that may protect your body. According to research, these antioxidants are in the same family as the ones found in red wine and green tea, which may protect cells from oxidation and could help keep you feeling and looking young (Scapagnani et al, 22). Amazingly, two groups of women in one study consumed high or low flavanol cacao powder every day for 12 weeks. The group who got the higher amount of flavanol cacao powder reported firmer skin and less sun damage and this maybe due to some of the powerful chemicals in cacao potentially helping to protect the skin against ultraviolet sun light (Mogollon et al, 23). Cacao users may also experience more radiant skin as it may improve the skin’s hydration levels and elasticity while possibly helping to decrease the appearance of sunspots (Mogollon et al, 24).

Next, cacao may also be linked to better mood (Scholey et al, 25). Cacao contains phenethylamine, which is commonly known as PEA, the feel good neurotransmitter responsible for the feeling of love (Román et al, 26). Additionally, consuming raw cacao powder could possibly raise levels of the natural neurotransmitter serotonin, which may help improve mood and help to fight depression (Pase et al, 27). For more health benefits regarding cacao, please click here.

Not only will the cacao help in potentially balance mood and blood pressure but both reducing inflammation (Martínez-Pinilla et al, 28). The omega 3s found naturally in sacha inchi (Ramos-Escudero et al, 29) work with the polyphenols found in cacao to potentially help reduce the inflammation of the joints, muscle soreness from exercising and aides in the fight of possible chronic diseases linked to inflammation, like arthritis (Nasciemento et al, 30).

Next, because sacha Inchi seeds are high in antioxidants gamma-tocopherol and phenolic compounds, they may help protect the body from aging faster since these antioxidants help to fight harmful free radicals (Cisneros et al, 31).

Additionally, sacha inchi contains a balance of the fatty acids Omegas 3, 6 and 9 (Kim et al, 32), which when coming from a renewable plant source (Fleming et al, 33) could be just as effective as fish oil according to more and more research (Maurer et al, 34). Also, it has approximately 6,700mg of pure Omega 3s, which are increasingly important in diets because of the numerous potential health benefits (Fanali et al, 35), which may include helping in improving the appearance of the skin, while also reducing wrinkles, sun spots and blemishes (Soimee et al, 36). Also, omega 3s from the sacha inchi seed may have soothing anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent psoriasis and eczema (Raveendran, 37).

Similar to some of the weight loss properties in cacao, sacha inchi also may help in the fight against weight gain too (Sathe et al, 38). Fiber (linked to gastrointestinal health) represents approximately 75% of the carbohydrate in sacha inchi nuts (So et al, 39) and more research is supporting the idea that fiber-rich whole food sources of carbohydrates are superior to refined carbohydrates for diet (Giacco et al, 40).

Next, sacha inchi could possibly help in reducing cholesterol simply by replacing bad fats (Chirinos et al, 41). Sacha inchi is finding more and more of the science community beginning to support the idea that it effects cholesterol (Garmendia et al, 42). In fact, sacha inchi may help lower the LDL (Alayon et al, 43) as well potentially increase the HDL- one study found that after four months of consuming sacha inchi and sunflower, it was the Inca Peanut impacting and raising the HDL the most (Gonzales et al, 44).

And the impact on heart health (Fleming et al, 45) isn’t stopping at cholesterol as sacha inchi flour with cacao may possibly help with high blood pressure (Gonzalez et al, 46) thanks to the high amount of potassium in sacha inchi (Kim et al, 47). For more information or other potential health benefits regarding our many all-natural and organic sacha inchi products, click here.

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