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Amazing Potential Health Benefits:

Although John P. of Chicago, Illinois is aware of the multitude of benefits associated with Incaliving’s triple maca vegetable capsules, he said, “It’s helping me in the gym build muscle and continue with longer workouts; a couple of capsules right before workout and I’m set.”  For some men, muscle building is a popular benefit of our triple maca vegetable capsules, but others also like an increase in free testosterone, a decrease in an enlarged prostate or their stress levels regulated, but all love the increased libido from taking our product. The benefits aren’t just for men as women have noticed red maca benefits which include: suppressing hot flashes lowering stress, regulating and balancing hormones, bloating, mood swings during or before menopause, increased production of collagen, sexual function and desire, promoting hair and nail growth.

Like the red maca root, the black maca has specific benefits when taken daily. The most important benefit is that it helps in oxygenating and detoxifying the body. First, oxygenating occurs in the body when the black maca, which contains the enzyme called  Catalase, breaks down the body’s hydrogen peroxide molecules and converts them into oxygen and water; in fact, one single enzyme from our black maca can convert 40 million molecules of hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water in just one second.

Because of another important enzyme in the black maca root, Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), the body’s primary antioxidants defense is boosted and assisted in reducing oxidative stress found in many life-threatening diseases. SOD also minimizes the amount of internal inflammation while simultaneously decreasing the pain associated with arthritis.

Another benefit, and the first steps in detoxifying the body from harmful substances, is that our maca is an all-natural, plant-based product. This means the molecules derived from the black root can be delivered intact to the intestines and absorbed directly into the bloodstream, which is better and healthier than supplements alone.

Of all the benefits associated with our product, “It’s the mental clarity I’ve seen,” Tim P. of Wisconsin said when asked what he felt the most important benefit was. “I feel like I remember everything now,” he continued; “in fact, there is one thing I never forget now and that’s making sure I’ve taken my maca daily.” It’s not only improved cognitive function and memory but black maca is also known to help strengthen the body’s bones and the immune system.

Why Buy from Incaliving?

Incaliving’s maca is gelatinized in the ancient Inca method of lightly cooking the root through pressure for roughly two seconds so as to break down the different starches and rid the root of all unnecessary toxic enzymes.  This process of gelatinizing allows the maca to become 99.9% digestible while also preserving all of its nutritional value. Unfortunately, most companies only offer raw maca root because it is much cheaper since it takes about 4 pounds of raw maca to obtain 1 pounds of the gelatinized maca Incaliving utilizes.

Additionally, these same companies do not care about the potential problems that raw maca poses to the body, such as developing goiters. Just another reason why all of our maca roots are 100% gelatinized: purity, taste, digestion and overall benefits for the body.
An additional way Incaliving provides the best possible maca capsules is by transporting via plane.  By utilizing air travel, an important costly step many other maca companies won’t even consider, the highest levels of purity, potency and overall quality is maintained because shipping via boat means more of the product is broken down as time deteriorates the quality and effects of the maca. That’s why at Incaliving, we pride ourselves on getting the purest and freshest product from the farm, to packaging, to your table-in the shortest amount of time.

Incaliving’s triple maca vegetable capsules are ideal for vegetarians (because they are made from vegetable cellulose and water), for those busy moms and dads that are always on the go, or perfect for travelers due to the convenience of fitting in carry-on luggage or purses.

As a final thought regarding all of our products, but something we are very proud of here at Incaliving, is the fact that 90% of our workforce is women. The empowering of women, especially in Peru, gives them a chance to leave poverty and provide them more opportunities to feed their families and grow/start their own businesses and you too can take pride in knowing that your purchase has helped support this initiative.

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