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Sacha Inchi Spread

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Sacha Inchi Oil

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Sacha Inchi Protein Powder

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Sachi Snacks Natural

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Sachi Curcuma

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Sachi Cacao

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Sachi Snacks Spicy

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Sachi Snacks Salty

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Sacha Inchi's Science

Q & A

Why would I take omegas from Sacha Inchi rather than fish oil?

Fish oil does not contain Omega 3, they eat the omegas from the marine algae, while Sacha inchi is a primary source of Omega 3 that comes directly from the seed. Not only contains Omega 3 but the perfect balance of Omega 6&9

Why isn’t Incaliving’s Sacha Inchi protein powder gelatinized?

The term gelatinized is for when foods are cooked to get rid of starches, however sacha inchi protein powder has no starches therefore gelatinized is not the correct term. All of our sacha inchi powders are cooked and ready to eat.

Do I get the same health benefits from sacha inchi seeds, oil and flour?

All of our sacha inchi products offers the ideal balance of omegas however with the flour and seeds the focus is more on the protein, fiber and other minerals, while with the oil is the high amount of omegas and antioxidants.

Which offers a higher amount of omegas Incaliving’s sacha inchi seeds or the oil?

Our sacha inchi seeds contain about 6,500mg of Omega3s per serving (for 2tbsp.), which is only slightly less than our sacha inchi oil containing 6,700mg omega3 per one tbsp serving. To maximize the omegas, simply take the oil in the morning and snack with the seeds throughout the day.

Why is it important to consume sacha inchi seeds/oil or flour grown from Perú?

Peru is where we discovered these seeds come from since the Incas time. Sustainability is kept when we consume and promote seeds from Peru.

Are there any side effects of taking sacha inchi products?

There are no known health side effects when taking sacha inchi products, however if in doubt you can always check with your physician first.

What is the difference between Incaliving’s Sachi Cúrcuma and Sachi Cacao gluten free powder?

The only difference is what the Sachi cúrcuma contains our organic Curcumin powder and the Sachi Cacao contains our organic cacao powder.

How much sacha inchi should I consume daily?

Dosage amounts varies according to individual needs, although it is recommended to maintain health to consume about 6,700mg of Omega3 per day.

When should I consume sacha inchi?

Depending on the results you are looking for. Early in the morning is best to help suppress appetite and in between meals to potentially help curve appetite and hunger.

What will the sacha inchi taste like?

Our sacha inchi oil has a very mild taste almost like lettuce, the seeds and spread have a nutty taste, like that of a dark roasted peanut with a slight woody flavor.

How long will it take before I feel sacha inchi’s potential health benefits working?

With consistent use you should start seeing them within your first bottle about 3 weeks. However many have experienced benefits after a few days.

Can I consume sacha inchi products while I’m pregnant or breast feeding?

Yes, sacha inchi products are great for expecting mothers and those breastfeeding as it offers all of its health benefits straight from the food source and has no chemicals or anything else added.

Is sacha inchi safe for children?

Yes, our superfoods are pure and potent and safe for everyone that chooses to take them

I’m on a diet, will sacha inchi cause weight gain?

No, sacha inchi will actually help with weight loss as it contains essential fatty acids like omega 3 that help promote digestion and weight loss.

Can I cook or bake with sacha inchi oil, seeds or flour?

Until recently it was known to consume the sacha inchi oil raw as there was the misconception that it could loose its nutritional value, however recent studies show that Sacha inchi oil has a heat point of 225C or 491F before it looses any of its nutritional value, which means you are able to cook, bake with any and all of our Sacha Inchi products and still enjoy all of its health benefits.

Has sacha inchi been studied by science?

Yes. Please see our sacha inchi science tab above to see all the studies pertaining the health benefits of sacha inchi.

Can I eat sacha inchi seeds, and use both the flour and oils at the same time?

Yes, our bodies lack omega 3 and the more we have it the better it will be for our bodies.

Why is food better than supplements when it comes to nutrition?

Food gets absorbed faster but click here for a recent scientific study highlighting all the benefits.

What is a superfood?

A superfood is regular food that has been promoted to a Superfood due to its health benefits it provides backed up with scientific research and data into preventing or potentially curing some diseases.

How long does sacha inchi last on the shelves at my house?

Sacha inchi has a period of two years unsealed and after opening for about a year without any direct sun light and a cool temperature.

If I take everyday, how long before I needed to order my sacha inchi product again?

The oil will last you approximately 3 weeks taking it daily the recommended dosage while the flour gives you about 17 servings and the seeds 3 servings per container.

What type of diets do sacha inchi work with (vegan, paleo, gluten free, etc.)?

All of the above, keto and also the revolutionary Shan gra la diet that focuses on consuming a high content of good fats such as the omegas twice a day.

Why are plant based omegas better than fish based?

Fish doesn’t contain naturally omegas, they eat it and after it’s processed we consume it becoming a secondary source. Plant omegas are a primary source of omegas into our bodies, therefore the benefits are far more noticeable.

Are there any medical conditions that prevent me from taking sacha inchi?

None that we are aware of, it is just recommended not to consume it right before any surgeries as omega 3 thinning your blood, but if in doubt check with your physician first.

What separates Incaliving’s Sacha Inchi from the competition?

First, where we grow these seeds; The Amazonian Jungle and the right altitudes to obtain the highest concentration of Omegas. Second, our packaging process done at the source and transportation since we fly our products directly from the source to our US distribution center allowing the superfood to be the freshest possible from our farms to your tables.

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