High Energy levels, battling Parkinson’s and Stomach issues with Maca and Sacha inchi oil

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I am part owner of an alternative health clinic and have tried many supplements over the years, but have only found a few that are really worth spending money on.
Since Maca often is advertised as an aphrodisiac I thought it may have some healing properties so I decided to order Maca from Incaliving since they claim and give facts as to why they have the best Maca.
I had no high expectation when I first tried it. To my surprise, after taking Incaliving’sMaca I noticed that my energy levels were up already within a week, and improved for another two weeks.
This was good news, but would the effect be the same on a person with bad health?
I decided to let a 77 year old retired doctor try it.
This man is suffering from Parkinson’s disease and had problems with his balance when walking. Within two weeks his hands were hardly shaking any more, and after five weeks he could go for a walk without his walking stick.
This clearly indicated that a sick person will benefit a lot from taking Incaliving’s Maca.I have tried SachaInchi Oil from them also, and it did impress me as well. I ordered it for the high Omega 3 content, but also noticed a positive effect on my stomach. I believe now that perhaps this oil will be good for people with IBS and Crohn’s disease. I am already convinced that these two products from Incaliving have healing properties and looking forward to find out what else they are good for.

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