More energy, Libido and weight loss with Maca

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I am a 38-year-old female and I have had depression and chronic fatigue for most of my life.
My doctor prescribed adderall for chronic fatigue even though I did NOT have ADD.
She said it was an “off-label use”.
Adderall had a big boost in my energy and I like that, but it also made it difficult to function because of the way it impaired my focus. It was changing my personality and taking away my libido. It also began losing its effectiveness, requiring higher doses, and on days I didn’t take it, I was tired, irritable and stayed in bed all day if I could.
The reasons I took Incalivin’g Maca: for more energy, to repair my libido and to balance out my body because I did not like the side effects of adderall.
What I discovered happened when taking it: Almost immediately, I stopped taking adderall because the maca gave me the energy boost I needed.
The energy lasted longer and didn’t wear out after a few hours the same way adderall did. My libido came back.
One thing I noticed is that I have to eat with maca or my body gives a strong reaction that feels hypoglycemic.
I need to eat more than usual, too or I get dizzy, nauseated and feel out of sorts until I eat something, especially something sugary – drinking a sugary soda seems to help.
Maca increases my appetite and makes me ravenous. However, I have been losing weight from it at the same time, so I don’t mind.
My concerns: I read some people say to take a break from maca and some people say you shouldn’t need to. I don’t like to stop taking it because then I feel sluggish again. I feel more alive and balanced with it. My blood sugar issues seem to be more manageable now that I’ve worked out how to have food always on hand and I think my body has adjusted a little. I have been taking 2 capsules (500mg) each morning since August and it is now December. As my body gets used to maca, I notice myself feeling tired again and I think I just started gaining a little of the weight back as well, so I just decided to take 3 capsules a day instead of 2 – that seems to have improved the feeling of energy. I just hope I won’t have to continue to increase the dose.

(I read that some people find maca helpful with depression and anxiety but I’m not sure I have any effects like that. I still have breakthrough symptoms regarding depressed moods. Since that isn’t the primary reason I’m taking it, I accept that and I am taking an antidepressant anyways.) Maybe with the longer I take it the more benefits I will get to experience.

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