No More hot flashes and lack of energy with Maca and no more bloating and slow metabolism with Sacha inchi oil

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When I decided to try Maca by Incaliving, it was to help with my hot flashes that I was having from peri menopause.
I also took the SachaInchi oil to help with weight loss.
Here is what happened: I no longer get any hot flashes, which were the worst at night.
I have focus, which is difficult because I have Attention Deficit Disorder.
I know have an endless energy surge that does not need caffeine.
Caffeine was what I used to use to be able to focus.
The Maca also manages to keep my moods balanced.
The SachaInchi oil kept me from bloating and helped with my metabolism. When I have run out of it or forget to take it, I feel lethargic, unfocused, bloated and not to mention noticeably a bit moody.
Thanks Daniela, because these products have changed my life in a very significant way.

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