Not all Macas are created equal.

Our Maca root is unique of its kind from the place that it grows, to the way we package it and how we transported.

We grow our Maca roots come from the best places known to grow Maca, the plateau of Junin at 15,000 feet of the Andes, we sundry the roots two months prior to pulverizing it.

We also comply with the Inca method of gelatinizing the Maca, this process is obtained by lightly cooking the Maca for 2 seconds by pressure which naturally generates the heat to rupture the starches of the tuber and allow the 99.9% digestibility in the body but without losing any of the important vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

We also packaged the Maca at the source allowing for the best quality control and then transporting every single bag by plane so we limit the handling allowing the Maca to be the freshest, purest and most potent. On each bag you get the highest quality by knowing that no one touched it between the harvest and your table, we believe this is important and one of the reasons why our Maca is very effective.

We have the perfect proportion of 60% Red Maca, 20% black maca, 20% yellow maca in each bag or each vegetable capsule; Allowing your body to experience the full benefits of this wonderful root.

Some common benefits of the Red Maca for women include:

Helping battle menopause, peri-menapause symptoms, anxiety, lack of sleep, high stress, lack of libido, hair loss, weak nails, hot flashes, irritability, adrenal imbalances and much more.

Some common benefits of Red Maca for men:

Helping with better sexual function, reduction of enlarged prostate, ED, increasing FREE testosterone, battling stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and much more.

Some benefits of Black Maca:

Helping to increase better focus, mental clarity, building muscles, restoring tissue, great antioxidants, strengthen immune system, bones and bone density and much more.

Some benefits of Yellow Maca include:

Better athletic performance, more energy and alertness in the morning, less anxiety also, acting as a sunblock from inside out.

Maca is a wonderful adaptogen, which means that contains the particular property of adapting to each specific individual; this is why it’s ideal for women, men of all ages including children, what varies is the dosage.