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One of the greatest and beneficial discovery for the human body comes with the Maca (Lepidium Meyenii) is an annual plant which produces a radish-like root that is indigenous to the mountainous and rugged terrain of the Peruvian highlands, and has been utilized by Andean cultures as a source of nourishment and healing for many millenniums. Inca Living Maca is grown at 13,000 to 15,000 feet in the steep central Peruvian Andes valleys.Although Maca’s foliage is small and unassuming, the harvested root was often used by Incan Warriors prior to battles or exploration because of the stamina and energy the root provided.

Source of vitamins and minerals 100% NATURAL . Nutritional studies performed indicate that the maca contains excellent nutritional properties: protein, amino acids, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12, ascorbic acid, carotene), minerals iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium.The elemental chemical composition of the human body is approximately similar to the chemical composition of maca, so it can be considered a plant ” adaptogenic “for their selective effects as the body’s needs.
Due to its high content of protein, vitamins, and minerals phosphorus has become known also under the name of “Ginseng Andes”, “Peru Ginseng” and its ability reconstructive as “Viagra Plant”.
The enhancement of physical and mental energies Maca makes it the ideal supplement for students, professionals, writers, athletes and every type of person.

This energizing plant is also referred to as Peruvian ginseng (although maca is not in the same family as ginseng). Maca has been used for centuries in the Andes to enhance fertility in humans and animals. Shortly after the Spanish conquered South America, they found that the livestock was reproducing poorly in the highlands. The local Indians recommended to feed the animals with maca, the results were so impressive that gave Spanish chronicles in-depth reports. Even colonial records of some 200 years ago indicated that payment of (just) nine tons of maca was demanded by one Andean area for this purpose.

Today in Peruvian herbal medicine, it is reported that Maca is used as an immunostimulant, for anemia, tuberculosis, menstrual disorders, menopause symptoms, sterility (and other reproductive and sexual disorders) and to enhance memory. Maca has been growing worldwide popularity in recent years thanks to several marketing campaigns in the U.S. which upheld its energetic properties, fertility-boosting, hormone balancers, aphrodisiac, and, especially, sexual performance-boosting. Other (anecdotal) herbal medicinal uses in the U.S. and abroad include increasing energy, life force, and endurance in athletes, promote mental clarity, treats male impotence and helps with menstrual irregularities, female hormonal imbalances, menopause, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

  1. Jessica Bradshaw

    This is really true! It worked for me!

  2. Really good products!

  3. I have been taking this Maca for well over 5 months and it has helped me with my energy levels, sexual drive and hormonal imbalances. I love it!

  4. David Dauphinais

    On Friday I was not able to physically move without pain. All my joints were swollen and hurt. I had to change to a different pain medication and this didn’t do it either. I started taking the Maca and the Sacha Inchi on Tuesday evening and I can say that at 11:33pm today my joints are no longer swollen nor in pain. This is just the start!

  5. how exciting!! that even in one day of taking Sacha Inchi oil you have experienced some relief!!! This stuff really works because of the potency and purecy of the Omegas.. especially the Omega 3 since you have 6,700mg per table spoon!! I’m so happy so please continue keeping us posted! 🙂

  6. Hello.I
    have been on Incaliving’s Maca now for 2 weeks and I must say this product is amazing.
    I have experienced increased energy and my workouts have improved.
    I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in 2009 and suffer from a lot of pain and swelling in my ankle. I notice the pain is gone and the inflammation has been reduced, also the pain in my knees from years of weight lifting and wear and tear has all but gone away.
    I am truly amazed with the results from this product and taking Incaliving’s MACA will be a part of my daily routine.

    My daughter said to me that I do not seem as stressed lately and she is correct I told her that’s one of the benefits of taking MACA.

    Thank you again, Daniela I am truly glad you stopped me and introduced it to me. I believe things happen for a reason and I definitely need this.

    Greg, Southeast Florida

  7. Janine Mae Switzer

    Hello, Daniela

    It was your response on a girl’s blog about how maca cured her acne that prompted me to try maca for my health for the first time. (I can’t remember the name of the site/blog) You were modestly advertising your site, but knew your stuff and that was apparent in your writing.

    I stumbled onto that site when I was looking for herbal remedies for my hormonal acne and PCOS (which started in my early 20s; I’ll be 30 in May). I decided to start with the Vitamin Shoppe version to see how it would effect me before I spent a lot of money. While I noticed my acne clearing slightly, I started getting headaches (not the hormonal kind, this was more of an acute pain). It’s a vegetable and should not cause headaches, so I knew it had to do with the lower quality of product. I tried the Gaia brand as well and still got headaches, albeit not as bad.

    I decided to go with your company Incaliving based off your knowledge and the quality of your product. I do not get any headaches. My hormonal acne is completely cleared up and I have started ovulating again. I was also suffering from adrenal fatigue related to heredity thyroid issues that I didn’t even realize until I started waking up refreshed instead of drained. It was a great feeling.

    There was an adjustment period. For the first few weeks I was extremely hormonal, had cloudy hormone headaches and felt puffy. This was my body realigning my hormone levels so I didn’t let it deter me. After about 2 months, any side effects from unbalanced hormone levels were gone. But if I do not take it everyday, my body starts to unalign hormonally again. I start to get that puffy feeling after 2 days of not taking Maca.

    I use 3 teaspoons daily (in coconut water or lemonade)

    Being a south Florida native myself (Plantation), I know there are fewer middle men with your product just based on your location. 🙂 You definitely have a lifelong customer in me and I hope your business continues to prosper.
    Thank you.

    Janine Mae Switzer

  8. Hola a todos,
    Quiero comenzar diciendo que yo llevo tomando la Maca Incaliving por ya casi 5 meses, y senti una diferencia increible en el nivel de energia y rendimiento, yo tomo una cucharada con mi cereal todas las mananas y trabajo en una ware house donde estoy manejando fork lifts por casi 12 horas al dia. A pesar de que tengo 59 anos estoy gracias a Dios en buena forma y con salud, pero tomando la Maca note mucho mejor rendimiento fisico. Bueno, lo que mas me sorprendio de estar tomando la Maca Incaliving fue lo que me paso hace 3 semanas atras. Yo vivo en Chicago y una noche mientras estaba limpiando la nieve, me cai en el driveway de mi casa y me raspe toda la mano con el hielo, completamente hasta casi ver el hueso, la parte de adelante de mi mano y mis dedos estaban destrozadas al punto de verse el hueso. Despues de limpiarme, los siguientes dias hice la prueba y empece a tomar 2 cucharadas en vez de 1 sola todas las mananas. Despues de la primera semana, note que mi mano estaba sanando rapidamente y que no me molestaba casi mucho, a las dos semanas de seguir tomando la misma dosis, veo que mis dedos, y la piel encima de mis manos estaba completamente recosntruida y quedo practicamente como nueva. Fue algo increible, y que sin duda se que fue por la Maca, leyendo mas acerca de la Maca me doy cuenta que tiene unos amino acidos que ayudan a la reparacion de musculos y de tejidos, entonces fue ahi cuando confirme una vez por todas que entonces tenia sentido por que fue que mis musculos y mi piel se sano tan pronto. Estoy super anonadado con estos resultados ya que nunca espere que fuera tan efectivo. Sigo tomando la Maca y la seguire de por vida, pero ahora baje nuevamente a solo 1 cucharada todas las mananas. Espero que esta experiencia haga que otros se animen a probarla porque les puedo asegurar que van a notar la diferencia sin duda alguna. Gracias Daniela por introducirme a este producto maravilloso y que sin duda funciona,

    Carlos, carpentersville IL

  9. Nathaly Navarro

    The Maca capsules have really help me. I have more energy and can sleep better. It has also help me with sciatic pain. Thank you.

  10. I have been taking maca root for over a year now and I really feel the benefits from taking a relatively small amount (typically 3 over the course of the day). I have had a couple of breaks in taking it and can tell the difference. The benefits for me have been cognitive mainly: improved memory, concentration, stamina, increased energy and endurance, seems to balance out stress levels, stabilise my mood generally. I plan to continue taking both maca and 1 spoonful of inch oil each day as part of my routine and desire to keep as mentally and physically well.

    Karyn UK

  11. Shauntaya Hazel

    Hello. I just received my Maca Root capsules and appreciate what drastic changes it has done for me! My energy levels has sky-rocketed, I dont feel tired any more, my body feel more in tune now, and my sexual desire has heightened. All around natural balance! Best of all, Its All Natural!! I love buying from you guys because all the benefits it states it has its definitely backed by its results. Great natural effect it has taken on me! You guys keep on promoting The Natural balance of Life! Love you guys!

    P.s. That coupon code would be greatly appreciated and should be able to purchase 2 bottles on the next order. :-).
    Stay Well,

    Shauntaya Hazel

    1. I’m so glad you love it and that you are becoming like the many others that have been able to notice a difference. We love making our customers happy and that is the reason why we take great detail into bringing the best Maca from Peru. Keep on going and with your support and the many others we will be able to continue with our mission.
      Take care,

  12. Maureen Simmons

    Mi nombre es Daylin Diaz, hace un tiempo que mi mama de 53 anos que sufre de Fibromialgia, y otros problemas a estado tomando la Maca Incaliving y el aceite de Sacha inchi tambien. En el caso de ella, por su cuenta propia decidio quitarse todas las prescripciones medicas de una sola vez y empezar a tomar la Triple Maca y el aceite Sacha inchi aunque paso unas dos semanas muy incomodas, desintoxicandose y ajustandose a no tener todos esos quimicos en su cuerpo, me comento que noto una diferencia increible y lo mas increible para ella fue que pudo suplementar todas esas prescipciones con solo estas dos super comidas. Ahora, se siente llena de energia, sin tanto dolor en las articulaciones y me dice que se siente mejor que nunca.
    En el caso de mi hijo, aunque es un joven empezo a tomar el aceite Sacha Inchi para poder reducir sus niveles altos de cholesterol. UNa vez de estar tomando el aceite todos los dias por 2 meses aproximadamente fuimos nuevamente al doctor a sacarle los examenes, ahi fue que nos dieron la buena notica que sus niveles ahora estaban en la normalidad. Tambien le empece a dar la Maca en polvo para el enfoque, la energia, y construir mas musculos, puedo reportar que le esta llendo muy bien y que le gusta.
    En mi opinion personal, yo estoy tambien consumiendo los dos, y comence con la Maca para tener mas energia y tener un mejor balance hormonal. El aceite lo empece para la limpieza de los organos. Me siento super contenta de poder haber probado estos productos, tambien le doy la Maca a mi esposo porque trabaja mucho y no tenia mucha energia. Puedo decir ahora que todos nos sentimos mejor y aunque no son propductos baratos, valen la pena porque si funcionan y hacen el trabajo debido a la salud. Definitivamente se los recomiendo.
    Gracias, Daniela por haberme educado en estos productos.

  13. De nada Dailyn, me alegra que esten notando una gran diferencia y que se sientan mucho mejor. Esa es mi labor de hacer conocer estas super comidas para poder brindar a gente como ustedes la oportunidad de tener una mejor calidad de vida! Gracias por el continuo apoyo! Saludos a la familia,

  14. Carlos Chinga

    My name is Carlos Chinga I am 73 years old and have a very severe case of glaucoma. I am almost blind, which is why I need someone to help me type and to do most of the things anyone else can do without help, but I consider this a very important matter and I want to let everyone know about my story. I happen to meet Daniela through her dad and she told me about the Sacha Inchi oil and the benefits that his could do in regards of my condition. Since my condition is pretty severe I didn’t really think I could get any benefits, but I also thought that it wouldn’t kill me to try it and maybe just maybe it could help. My Glaucoma is so advanced that last time I visited the doctor he sent me to a specialist for operation since the Glaucoma has been aggressively progressing. So before my appointment I started taking the Sacha inchi oil. I took 2 table spoons as Daniela explained to me that 1 is preventive and 2 is more curative. So i wanted to see if this would really help so I did 2 a day. One in the morning and 1 at night before bed. I took my first bottle for about 20 days and then it was time to see the specialist again. When I get to the doctors office and he checks my eyes etc. She asks me “why are you here”? I have to tell you that you no longer have to operate because it seems like your Glaucoma has stopped and is no longer progressing. When she said that, I immediately knew that it had to be the oil since I had not been taking anything else at all. I was so shocked and so grateful that I had listen and decided to give it a shot. Now, I am on my second bottle and I am paying attention for more changes and see if I am able to reverse the Glaucoma or at least not loose completely all my vision. I am really thankful to Daniela and want people to know my story so they can try it for themselves because it will change your life completely. It has changed mine already, because although I still have Glaucoma, the fact I don’t have to operate and that it is not progressing as before to me its already a winning situation.

    1. YES! Carlos… I am so glad that it helped you so much and I have no doubt that it can only get better!!! Let’s keep praying for the best..yaaayyyy! 🙂

  15. Hi Daniela, Thanks for the your work and dedication with Peruvian Natural products. They are certainly an additive to my daily dose of good health and good spirits. JM

  16. I actually love taking the triple Maca capsules from Incaliving, I have found that is it a way superior quality than any others. I have more alertness in the mornings, sleep better at night. I don’t beak out as much when I’m on my period and I am less bloated and moody. I love it and I suggest everyone try it because it does so much you will be surprised of the powerful benefits this real authentic Inca superfood will do for you! 🙂
    Thanks Daniela

  17. Uno puede aprender algo nuevo aquí todos los días. Estoy un habitual para la mayoría de los blogs, pero aún no sabía nada de un par de ellos.

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